16 & 24oz

Milk tea made with fresh milk and organic, high-quality black tea leaves.


Signature milk tea with special yellow cream; extra creamy and tastes like custard. (Contains egg)

Traditional Milk Tea

Taiwanese style milk tea with sensible tast of tea.

Taro Milk Tea

Made with freshly mashed taro roots, able to taste the real taro’s natural fiber.

Cheese Milk Tea

Milk tea mixed with cream cheese; combination of black tea and rich, creamy taste.

Oreo Milk Tea

Milk tea topped with whipped cream and crushed Oreo cookies.

Coffee Cake Milk Tea

Premium grounded coffee and coffee jelly mixed into milk tea; topped with whipped cream and mixed nuts.

Mango-Sago Milk Tea

Milk tea crushed with mango flesh and sago as a topping. Creamy infused with sweet and sour.
(Limited to quantity of sago per day; unavailable for topping exchange)

Super Greatea

Signature milk tea with special yellow cream; extra creamy and tastes like custard. (Contains egg) It comes with bubble, oreo cookies, sago, grass jelly and red bean.

Taro Mango Sago Classic Milk Tea W/Oreo

Smashed Taro with mango sago and oreo

Black Sesame Milk Tea

Milk Tea with black sesame , tastes very creamy

Oreo House Special Green Tea

Jasmine green tea base topped with Oreo cookies and yellow cream

Matcha Milk Tea

Milk Tea with organic matcha power

Sweetness level

- 0% (No sugar)
- 25% (Little sugar)
- 50% (Half sugar)
- 75% (Less sugar)
- 100% (Regular)
- 125%
- 150%

Toppings: $0.75

  • - Bubble
  • - Mango Jelly
  • - Aloe Vera
  • - Grass Jelly
  • - Rainbow Jelly
  • - Lychee Jelly
  • - Coffee Jelly
  • - Passionfruit Popping Bubble
  • - Lychee Popping Bubble
  • - Mango Popping Bubble
  • - Aiyu Jelly
  • - Egg Pudding

Toppings: $1.00.   Naigai: $1.25

  • Red Bean.     
  • Green Bean
  • Mashed Taro
  • Original Crystal Bubble
  • Brown Sugar Crystal Bubble
  • Taro Crystal Bubble
  • Cherry Blossom Crystal Bubble

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