Refreshing with low-caffeine Jasmine Green Tea and fresh fruits. (Fruits are seasonal)

Blueberries and Lime

Blueberries and lime slices with grape juice.


Cooling Lime

Giving unique sweet and sour taste to cool the heat.


Grapefruit Tea

Sweet with subtle bitterness; perfect for grapefruit lovers.


Passion Fruit Tea

Made with real passion fruit.
(Contains Passion fruit seeds and mango juice)

Lychee Fruit Tea

Simple and delicious with canned lychees, mildly sweet.


Running Peach

Sweet and refreshing with fresh peaches.

Sweetness level

- 0% (No sugar)
- 25% (Little sugar)
- 50% (Half sugar)
- 75% (Less sugar)
- 100% (Regular)
- 125%
- 150%

Toppings: $0.50

- Bubble
- Mango Jelly
- Aloe Vera
- Grass Jelly
- Rainbow Jelly
- Lychee Jelly
- Coffee Jelly
- Passionfruit Popping Bubble
- Lychee Popping Bubble
- Mango Popping Bubble

- Taro     $0.75
- Naigai  $1.00

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Enjoy great-tasting tea drinks at Greatea today. Whether you want boba tea or tea-flavored smoothies and shakes, our staff is here to prepare them for you. Come visit our tea shop in Johns Creek, GA! We offer more than just your cup of tea.

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