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Taro Milk Tea

Cheese Milk Tea

Passion Fruit Tea

Mango Cheechee

Grapefruit Tea

Taro Mango Sago Classic Milk Tea with Oreo

Brown Sugar Milk Tea

Coffee Cake Milk Tea

Strawberry Lychee Fruit Tea

Peach Naigai

Watermelon and Lemon Detox Water

Our Toppings:

Lychee Jelly

Coffee Jelly

Mango Jelly

Aloe Jelly

Grass Jelly

Red Bean

Green Bean

Egg Pudding

Aiyu Jelly

Rainbow Jelly

Lychee Popping Bubble

Mango Popping Bubble

Passion Fruit Popping Bubble


Original Crystal Bubble

Taro Crystal Bubble

Cherry Crystal Bubble

Brown Sugar Crystal Bubble




Superfruit tea is back. Now it has been upgraded to 1000ML.

Fruits are seasonal
Limited 20 per day
Unavailable for phone order
Regular level of ice only
Only available on Johns Creek Location

Get Your Daily Tea Fix Here

Enjoy great-tasting tea drinks at Greatea today. Whether you want boba tea or tea-flavored smoothies and shakes, our staff is here to prepare them for you. Come visit our tea shop in Johns Creek, GA! We offer more than just your cup of tea.

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