About Us

Our Vision and History

Founded in 2015 by Ken & Lydia

They came up the idea to make a bubble tea drink that was different from what traditional Boba shops offered. Today, we use only the best ingredients in our drinks, and we make sure this by carefully examining, testing and selecting every ingredient that we use for our business.
All primary ingredients we use come from Taiwan and USA. Our bubble tea leaves come from highest- quality organic black tea available on the market. We never substitute our ingredients with poor quality of ingredients. Our fruit tea drinks, as well as all other beverages we offer at our shop, are freshly made upon order.
Greatea is a locally owned tea shop that is home to some of the best-tasting milk tea and fruit tea drinks in Johns Creek, GA. We have created a whole new way of preparing and serving your favorite bubble tea drinks. Our team offers an extraordinary taste through our twist on some traditional favorites and our own innovative blends. We put a dash of custard-tasting cream between the iced tea and Boba to create a unique contrast in taste and texture.